Dark Pit

After a “burn-out” and battling for years with anxiety attacks, chronic lower back pain, border-line fibromyalgia and inner ear ‘vestibular system’ virus infection –  I was at the bottom of a dark pit.  I thought the pain, anxiety, stress and low energy feelings would never go away and began my hopeful search for the best road towards a strong vitality.  Then I met Louisette, Keto Coach in The Netherlands.  Wow!

The Keto Way

After 3 months of being coached with a new life-changing approach to how and what you eat and drink – the ‘keto’ way – I lost 10 kg in weight, my energy levels sky-rocketed, the ‘fog’ in my head cleared, my strength levels increased, my fibromyalgia symptoms vanished, my anxiety disappeared and my chronic back pain began to ease-off.
After 6 months of following ‘the keto way’ of eating and drinking mindfully, I feel fitter, stronger, smarter, happier, calmer, more centered, more earthed, I have a vastly improved self-esteem and I am more in-tune with my own body on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetically).

Louisette gives a good ‘after-care’ service and I feel I can always contact her with further queries or questions.

Life-changing experience

In short a positive ‘life-changing’ experience – “it begins with a drop in the ocean and the ripples that come from that one drop, ripple out into all areas of your life, allowing for positive health changes, new life directions and being at one with yourself”.
I whole-heartedly, with every pore in my body, recommend Louisette, the catalyst for positive change in your life through what you eat and drink!!!!!!!!  Do it.  Make that first in-take appointment, it is worth every single penny and far more.


(Note: Lisa schreef haar verhaal in zulke mooie Engelse woorden dat een vertaling naar het Nederlands het geen goed zou doen.)